This site has 3 purposes.

  1. A tool for my own introspection, growth and ‘being’
  2. A way to hold myself accountable and do better at not repeating my mistakes of the past and to do greater things in my future
  3. A way to communicate better with others and ensure that the things that I struggle due to poor communication skills or getting caught up in everything else I fail to convey to the ones I have cared about


I have made many mistakes. Multiple times. Many of the things that I call out as boundaries, or as toxic relationship tropes are the very things I have myself done.

In fact, it’s not just not many. It is probably most. The ones that I don’t think I have done, are probably things I have done and simply forgotten about.

If by some miraculous chance that I have not committed a mistake that I seem to be writing (and implicitly complaining about), then I most certainly lacked self-awareness and permitted myself to be subjected to it by a partner which in itself is a huge mistake. On Setting Boundaries

Any similarity between what I write on this site and what may be perceived by others as to reflect upon a shared experience in the past with them is simply a coincidence and has no bearing with reality, other than as being a reflection of exactly as I perceive and remember the experiences and I feel to be 100% true and factual…

from On Qualifying Everything I Write

How This Site Is Made

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